I’ve been MIA from my little space on the internet (Hmm, besides twitter…)

This month I have…

I’ve hosted my most successful tweet-up ever (50+ people!!), I’ve gone to holiday parties x 5, I’ve babysat my favorite toddler x2, went to a wedding of my two old roomies <3,  saw the movie Young Adult,  went to a good friends awesome birthday at the casino,  went to an outdoor concert, went ice skating,  set up TWO Christmas trees, learned how to play Texas Hold’em, gifted a KINDLE!! from Gregg, & finished a great book.

Talk about busy, right? +++ all the things I never took a picture of!

My plans for the holidays…

Tonight 23 – Grocery shop, wrap presents, start cleaning like a mofo, hide a present (lol) & get wings w/ friends. :)

Tomorrow 24 – Clean MOAR!!!, prep food, & head over for Christmas Eve at my mom’s. Church + Dinner + PRESENTS! Meet up w/ Brandon friends at a local dive bar after.  (: Becoming quite the tradition :)

Christmas 25 -Gregg & my family over for Christmas lunch/dinner.  Exchange gifts w/ his family. Maybe see Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo. (We live across the street from a theater) & hopefully see my friend Susan at a local bar. :)

3 thoughts on “December + Holiday”

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment at Tampa Bay Bites. I am a fan of yours! I totally read your blog. Yea, the guy that owns that place is crazy. He went after me on Facebook too. I didn’t think my review was that bad anyway. Good times.

  2. I am posting bad reviews (Well, not reviews, just a heads up) about my non-experience. Oh no, I hope he doesn’t come after me!

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