Quick post.

This year I will:

(but not limited to)

★ Hangout w/ friends solo x 24 (2x per month) – I have a habit into turning everything into a 40+ person thing.

★ Real dinner parties w/ 5-7 friends x 3.

★ Drive thru zoo w/ Michelle & Ben.

★ Geocache x 5 full days.

★ Photohunt @ Sunken Gardens.

★ Go to event where we/I don’t know 90% of the people.

★ Cooking Class w/ Ggg.

★ Dance Class w/ Ggg.

★ Learn to drive stick…again. (Thanks Liz)

★ Craft class w/ lady friends.

★ Winery w/ Grandma.

… I also started a diet blog, I’m not sharing it publicly. If you want to read more e-mail me & I’ll send you the URL.

One thought on “Some Goals”

  1. This is a pretty cool and definitely attainable/realistic list for this year – kudos for keeping it simple and fun. Oh and it’s pretty cool that you listed Geocaching as one, lol I have never met another local geocacher. (my son and I love it) Also I would be interested in your diet blog if you would like to share the URL that would be awesome. :)

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