Giving your notice is nerve wrecking.
Friends said I’d feel better after, they were wrong.

Looking for a new job is stressful…
Even more so when you are looking for specific things in a company.
Leaving a job is hard…
Harder when you like the people you work with.
I had to put on my “big girl” pants today & just get it over with.

Enough of that negativeness!

Here’s to change… New beginnings… & working with a friend! :D

2 thoughts on “Will this time be the charm?”

  1. Why not find a new job first, before resigning? HR people will question you on any time that you spent unemployed. They will respect you if you tell them “I have to give my old job a notice before I can accept this one”. Every job sucks, has it’s stressors, and you’ll want to quit. In this economy, you never leave a job unless you have another waiting.

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