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I was invited to a special blogger night at Hyde Park Village, and was glad to be able to stop into Bartaco which opened recently.

Bartaco Menu + Happy Hour

Bartaco serves everything tapas style, so each taco is 3-4 bites. With my “dietary needs” our server was very helpful to give me a few suggestions to try.

Bartaco - Drinks!

Drinks – I had the pink drink named Cecilia, a take on the margarita with guava.


Everything comes out as its done. First up was the black bean salad, spicy cucumber salad and mushroom mole tamale. This was my first ever tamale (!) and I loved it. I’ll be ordering it again. (Isn’t it funny how less photogentic foods often taste the best?)


I ordered two of the cauliflower tacos. The tacos are unexpensive and two with a tamale was plenty. I like places I can go and try a few different things and not be over ordering. Also three hot sauces – get on that habanero!

I’m looking forward to coming back and sitting outside with friends. I’ve already read some reviews and want to try the plantains and veganize the falafel. Lets meet up.

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