John 16:33, this will be a long one... ...... I don’t talk about my faith. It’s something I’ve always felt I’ve hidden. Looking back, I was at a cross roads when I entered confirmation. I was 13 and I was asked, “Why are you here?” and my honest answer was, “...because my mom told me to come.” ....This is where I learned about the Christian faith in a loving environment and was allowed to question and question and question. After, I was faced with whether to embrace the faith and choose to be baptized. ...I whole heartedly embraced. I’ve always felt connected to something greater than me - maybe some call it God or Supreme being or ...? I knew there was something higher than me. I have always felt free will but an unspeakable guidance that has always been there. ...When I was baptized, my congregation gave me a verse - and it’s words have resounded so deeply in me time and time again throughout everything life has brought me - and I just wanted to share it with you. Whatever your God is, may it be your persistence - you will overcome the world.