Beauty Box Five




I’ve been a member of for a few months now. I always am really excited when I see the box in my mailbox.

I’ve subscribed (and cancelled) to many other beauty boxes but this has been my favorite so far. I  l really like being introduced to brands I’m not as familiar with.

This month I received:

OFRA Lip Gloss (Apricot Dream) ($12.95)

OFRA Lip Liner (Baby Doll) ($13.00)

Nanacoco Nail Polish (Las Vegas Dream) ($3.00)

Love Life Skin Collection (Samples)

Pur~lisse Flash Tattoos ($9.00)

I love everything, and can’t wait to try lip liner for the first time. Looking forward to trying  metallic tattoos for a concert or a special night out. It’s something I’d never buy on my own but nice to receive.

Cost: $12/month.

Ships To: The lower 48 United States and Canada via the Postal Service.

What to Wear to Gasparilla?

Ah, the eve of my hometown’s biggest holiday… Gasparilla!

From Wikipedia:

The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is an annual celebration held in the city of Tampa, Florida. Held each year in late January and hosted by Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla and the City of Tampa, it celebrates the apocryphal legend of José Gaspar (Gasparilla), supposedly a Spanish pirate captain who operated in Southwest Florida.

The theme is an “invasion” by Gasparilla and his men, which begins when the “Krewe” (made up of residents of the city) arrives on a 165′ long pirate ship, the Jose Gaspar, in Tampa Bay and land near downtown Tampa.

The mayor of Tampa then lends the key of the city to the pirate captain and a parade ensues down Bayshore Boulevard, one of Tampa’s major streets. The krewes throw beads, coins and other items while shooting blank pistols from floats during the parade. The average attendance for the event is over 400,000 people.

The age old question is, “What do I wear to Gasparilla?”


Allie Style:

Shoes: However cute you think those 3 inch pirate boots are… You’re going to be hiking all over town, probably walking 5 to 7 miles, at least. Oh & you’ll be wasted. Just say NO & grab something conformable. Also, yes, we live in Florida, it’s 75 degrees… but rethink the sandals. There are HUGE crowds & you’re feet will get stepped on, beer will spill, you may step in dog doo, no sandals.

Pants: Feel free to wear shorts, skirts, jeans, whatever. You have to think here, will you be just attending the invasion? (11am) The parade? (3pm) & after parties? (5pm++++) I typically choose to wear jeans, it’s still cool enough to not feel grosso. Also, you don’t look like a dirty pirate when evening rolls in. (Walking around downtown + of Tampa in skirts/shorts, you’ll get mud, dirt, yucky stuff on your legs.

Shirt: Tank top, strapless, cardigan, pirate themed tee, will all work. There will be sun, think about your shoulders!

Jewels: I like glitter & shiny things. Pirates like booty after all ;)

Etc: Sunscreen, TP & hand sanitizer (porta-potties), backpacks filled w/ snacks + flasks, sunglasses!

Some advice from my good (& more stylish) friend Lindsay:

Having gone to Gasparilla pretty much since I was a fetus, I’ve got knowing what to wear and what to bring down to a science. If you are a wanderer, like me, who enjoys trekking several miles up and down Bayshore to party hop, comfy shoes are essential! I also like to make sure I have a large purse to carry around my booze, bottles of water, and my beads when they get to heavy to wear.

Rather than going full-on “pirate”, I’m a fan of a more subtle approach. These are two options using black and white striped tops and skull accents. The one on the left is more casual and appropriate for walking, and the right would be better suited for viewing the parade from a house party or VIP tent.

Gasparilla Wench

If you see yourself as less of a pirate and more of a wench, this outfit has a vintage and feminine feel, with a dress that gives a nod to a traditional pirate shirt, boots that would be perfect for pillaging and plundering or walking along a parade route, and a wide brimmed hat to protect you from the sun.

Are you going to Gasparilla? What will you be wearing?

May Birch Box


Stila – Jade Eye Shadow (Pretty green color)
Bulgari – Mon Jasmin Noir
Erno Laszlo – Transphuse Night Serum
Archipelago – Pomegranate Soap
Treat – Tiny Prints Card
Extra – Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner

If you like Birchbox, sign up for the monthly $10 subscription. You can cancel it at any time, & you earn points to put towards the purchase of full size products that you enjoyed from your box.

Thanks to Andrea for letting me know about Birchbox! Go follow her on Twitter!

3 Day Hair

I used to wash my hair everyday. I used to feel SO icky if I didn’t. After reading for a few months now, I’ve seen her mention stretching out hair washings.

I wanted to get on board.  I hated my old routine of washing/conditioning/blow drying/flat iron/etc. -It was taking up over an hour+ a DAY!

My new routine is this:

Day 1:  Shampoo/Condition, blow dry, flat iron. At night, I pull my hair into a high bun. The secret here for me, is not twisting the hair before I wrap it into a bun.  I used to twist, twist, twist, then wrap it all around on top of my head. This did not work, it would be unmanageable the next day.

Day 2:  After I shower, I brush out & blow dry any bits that got wet while washing my face. After brushing out, I spray dry shampoo pretty much everywhere, focusing on an inch or so from my part.  I heat up my flat iron & fix any strays. I then make sure to run over the last 3-4 inches of my hair to make they ends smooth. :) On day 2 I use hairspray to kick up the volume. (I hate flat hair.) At night, I pull my hair into a high bun, just like day 1.

Day 3: My favorite day! Curly! I do the same as day 2, just after I dry shampooing I pin up the top section & start to curl the crap out of it. Let down the top layer, & curl the crap out of that. After countless Youtube videos & asking random people I see with curled hair, I think I have finally somewhat mastered curing my hair. I even spray it with hair spray while on the curling iron, which I’m sure I learned from my mother & is bad for your hair.  It doesn’t hold all day, even w/ loads of hairspray & dirty hair. Towards the end of the day, it’s just wavy/beach/crazy. :P I sleep however at night, since the next day…

…I repeat!

Shampoo/Conditioner– Aussie Volume at my place, Mane & Tail at Gregg’s. I also use Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle every week or two focusing on my ends. (This stuff is amazing.)

Dry Shampoo– TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. It’s cheap & effective. I’d like to try their waterless foam dry shampoo.

Hairspray- Aussie’s Sun-Touched Shine. It holds well & add some shininess. (Not greasy looking!!)

I love! this routine.

I have SO MUCH more time in the mornings. I can take longer showers, not be rushed & enjoy a cup of coffee while doing my hair. :) The extra time comes in handy now that I’m packing/preparing meals & shooting myself with a syringe every morning.

What is your hair care routine?