Love is…

Love this, It’s lyrics from an LCD Soundsystem song, “Drunk Girls“. (Click the picture to find out more about the artist, Harry Malt.) The song probably grows on you, but I like the sentiment. (I agree w/ the statement! Of course I think of it positively!)


♥ When I woke up today I thought it was Friday, then remembered it’s Wednesday. Gregg & I have planned to go to Tampa Bay Mineral and Science Club tonight to partake in a beading & chainmaille class. I’m really excited that we got our membership cards & are going! Continue Reading


Melissa at Oh my Darling is hosting a Surprise Ball exchange. It’s based on  “suprise balls” made my Gina Namkung. I posted a few weeks ago about surprise balls made to look like bombs & in lieu of posting 500 images of cute surprise balls, go sign up here!! I Continue Reading