Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Don’t tell me our youth is running out,
it’s only just begun…

Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

I’ve been loving this song lately. It also is particularly nice since I’m turning 26 this month.
(& kinda dreading it… hello ALMOST 30??)
It’s a reminder to myself to tell me my youth isn’t running out… it’s only just begun ;)

Gasparilla Music Festival – March 10th 2012 – Downtown Tampa

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer and attend the Gasparilla Music Festival this past weekend.

A few weeks beforehand I decided to sign up to volunteer since in my experience I get more out of an event if I’m apart of it, and it’s a great way to meet some new local people. The Thursday before the Festival I met up for the Box Office training. The first thing I noticed was that the people organizing this event were ORGANIZED. After volunteering at quite a few local events, I always feel like that’s one thing that is always lacking.

The next thing that completely took me back is the Gasparilla Music Festival is a Non-Profit 501c. Their mission is to create a sustainable community event for the Tampa Bay region while promoting arts education and benefiting local organizations and businesses. —  Yes, yes, yes! Supporting the Tampa community!

I arrived around 2PM. My shift started at 3, but I wanted to check-in, grab a beer, wander around & change into my volunteer shirt. The morning had started pretty rough, it was dreary and overcast. By the time I got there, things really had cleared up. The sun was shining and people were coming in by the droves!

The Festival had so much great food that really focused on what Tampa has to offer. Each local restaurant focused on one or two items, which was nice! It gave festival-goers the option to try lots of things.

The Festival had three stages. Two main stages, one in Curtis Hixon, and the other in the corner of Kiley Gardens. The third stage was the Kiley Gardens Amphitheater to showcase local acoustic/singer/song writers.

I ended my shift at roughly 7:30 and went to meet up with friends.  The sun had set, and this is where the magic began. Walking around the park, I felt that familiar sense of pride I have, I love Tampa. (Side note: If you’re newer to Tampa, Curtis Hixon Hall once stood on these grounds. Artists like, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rush and Cat Stevens played there!) The lighting was fantastic and created a wonderful atmosphere. I stood at the top of the amphitheater just taking it all in for awhile.

Ra Ra Riot closed the day on the main stage. They were a fun group with tons of energy. Hello string instruments!

I really enjoyed that this festival gave me the opportunity to hear of a lot of bands I hadn’t heard of before. I really enjoyed the Distinguished Men of Brass and Rebirth Brass Band, who I would have never heard of otherwise! I hope this is something to stay with the festival over the upcoming years.

Overall this was a great night, and I can’t wait to see what Gasparilla Music Festival has to offer for future. I look forward to volunteering again and rocking out :]

Some bands that played:

The Groves
The Lee Boys
Alvin “Youngblood” Hart
Deer Tick
Lee Fields & the Expressions
Ra Ra Riot
Infinite Groove Orchestra
Kaleigh Baker
Have Gun, Will Travel
Spam Allstars
Tortured Soul
Rebirth Brass Band
Rich Whiteley
Amber Lynn Nicol
Geri X
Distinguished Men of Brass

Be Content

I love Lao Tzu, I read Te-Tao Ching this time last year.
This is an important reminder right now! (#amirite?!)

Last night I sat w/ Gabi on her driveway drinking a beer; we ending up picking up Oz at 1am & going to the trashiest dive bar ever. I heard the worse rendition of Metallica’s, “Enter Sandman” EVER. Although some sleaze-ball in a sleeveless tee totally loved it.

Tonight I am going with my favorite people to Howl-o-Scream.  It should be a great time. :)

Saturday, I’m going to pack up the rest of my things & pick up Garbage the cat.

Last night I viewed an apartment, & I loved it! Wood floors, cute little kitchen, I kept telling Renee that I could really see me & Garbage there! There is TONS of windows w/ a garden underneath, she’ll be able to look at the birds & bugs down there.

I’m wanting to pay the security deposit & first month on Saturday. I’m finding it kinda hilarious in it’s own way that last year at this time, I was looking for my own place. Kinda silly how it’s all gone full circle…? I think I’m going to ask the landlord if I can drop the boxed up stuff off there, & I’ll move in officially the following weekend. Just so I don’t have to move stuff to my mom’s, then to my place, it will save a trip. (Since I’m enlisting the help of my awesome rockstar friends!) We shall see what the landlord says!!!

I’m also google-ing about decreasing the stress of a move on a cat, I’m kinda worried about that. I’m thankful she’s young & should be able to handle it pretty well. It will also get her used to different people & noises, she won’t be a scaredy cat! I bought her the Litter Qwitter & books on training cats on Tuesday, those should be coming soon & really come in handy.

Okay, here’s a gift of a song I found; it’s grimey, I hope you like it.


The Smashing Pumpkins (The Ritz, Ybor -July 21, 2010)

(All photos by Justin Peterson)

The Smashing Pumpkins are my all time favorite band. If you you’ve met me over the years, the one thing you would know for sure, is I’m “that girl who is obsessed with the Smashing Pumpkins.” I spent most of my formative years talking non-stop in Pumpkin lyrics & generally being a complete Pumpkinhead.

That said, I’ve never seen them play live. Yes! Crazy, I know! Being a bit “young”, I wasn’t able to have seem them in their “mainstream” touring days (Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness was released October 1995- I was nine *gulp*!) – & the year I really got into them (feed me Bsides, I own the boxset, live/breathe SP) was 2000 & the unfortunately the year the original members of the band broke up. The few times they have been to the Tampa area since 2000, I’ve either been out of town, or unable to make it for some reason or another. (Shame!)

I was terribly nervous heading to the concert. I hardly could talk, this was my first time seeing my coveted band! The band that changed everything! Gabi even poked fun at me for how nervous/unable to speak I was. I was worried that they wouldn’t live up to what they are in my mind. I mean, 10 years of build up… doesn’t seem like it’s going to go well.

Once in, Gabi & I got a drink. I know my friend, Justin (all the photos), would be there & actually his girlfriend, Andrea found me! She informed us that Justin was already in, he had been able to score an armband to see warm-up & such. As soon as the doors opened, the three of us rushed to find Justin. He was up front!

I was standing front row middle. of. my. favorite. band. -ever.
I could barley believe it. Shortness of breath.

The stage was a complete over-the-top extravaganza, w/ two giant silver mosaic fans spinning & lighting fixtures that flashed multiple strobe lights. Visual delight!

The current line up features guitarist Jeff Schroeder, bassist Nicole Fiorentino, & drummer Mike Byrne. Make no mistake though, Billy was running the show & at every opportunity he was wailing on his guitar. It was a night of guitar worship, -the altar of The Bald One. ;)

I was excited that they played well known “mainstream success” songs, like “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” & “Today,”. The crowd went nuts w/ energy as they sang along & enjoyed 1995 all over again. To top it off, they played the best version of “Ava Adore” I’ve ever heard, which was full of Billy’s guitar talent & rock-your-face-off rock.

The kinda lame part is, I was moved beyond I ever expected. I cried a few times during the set. Tears of total happiness.

The band left stage, everyone screamed & cheered until the Pumpkins came back out to an even bigger applause to play one last song, the ~18-minute song “Gossamer.” The unreleased track began w/ sexy guitar riffs, melted down into a muddled stew & came back to a shred fest before Billy finally put it to bed. (I have watched this song online, it ranges anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes when played on tour.)

I also scored a drum stick from Mike Byrne! I screamed & screamed for a track list (I collect them, & wanted to be able to post here), but they exited & the Ritz’s security was complete jerks, -made everyone exit asap.

Some of the songs they played:

Astral Planes (new song)
Ava Adore (“Adore”)
Today (“Siamese Dream”)
Stand Inside Your Love (“Machina/The Machines of God”)
Bullet With Butterfly Wings (“Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”)
Perfect (“Adore”)
Cherub Rock (“Siamese Dream”)
Tarantula (“Zeitgeist”)
Tonight (“Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”)
Gossamer (unreleased)

That is the biggest smile of complete awesomeness happening in front of you
& clearly, Gabi is getting her face rocked off.

It’s the day after & my ears are still ringing as I’m writing this. If every show was like this Smashing Pumpkins one, rock and rock would have no problem. This is easily the best concert I’ve ever been to. (Previously, my top concert was Thievery Corporation in Chicago @ the Metro in 2007.)

HUGE thanks to Justin & Andrea for the sweetest spot & also, Justin is an amazing artist & great person -make sure to check out his work!

If you want to see all my photos from the concert, visit my Flickr photo set. & I added the Pumpkin song widget to the right. Make sure to check it out! :)

Update, thanks to Andy:

1. Astral Planes
2. Ava Adore
3. Today
4. Hummer
5. As Rome Burns
6. A Song for a Son
7. Eye
8. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
9. United States
10. Bleeding the Orchid
11. Perfect
12. Cherub Rock
13. That’s the Way (My Love Is)
14. Owata
15. Stand Inside Your Love
16. Tarantula
17. Tonight, Tonight
18. Freak
19. Gossamer

& video!