Emotional Needs

Security, which includes a stable home life and a safe environment in which to grow and fulfill our potential Giving and receiving attention Friendships, fun, love, and physical intimacy A sense of autonomy and control over our environment Being part of a wider community to create a sense of belonging Continue Reading

Hi there

  I’m still around, just popping over to share this sweet sentiment. Maybe I’ll get around to some massively huge blog post summing up the past few months. As always, you can find me on Twitter & Facebook.

100 Things

I got rid of 100 things yesterday: 1. Elvis guitar shaped coin bank 2. Thai mask pin 3. 7 pairs of jeans 4. 9 shirts 5. 1 bathing suit top 6. 2 dresses 7. Paper flower 8. 1/2 bottle of hairspray 9. 1/2 bottle of firming lotion 10. 1/2 bottle Continue Reading

Love is…

Love this, It’s lyrics from an LCD Soundsystem song, “Drunk Girls“. (Click the picture to find out more about the artist, Harry Malt.) The song probably grows on you, but I like the sentiment. (I agree w/ the statement! Of course I think of it positively!)