#Best09 Day 19

December 19 Car ride. What did you see? How did it smell? Did you eat anything as you drove there? Who were you with? #best09

Another one of these ex stories, I think it’s actually helping me to get it all out.
It’s a good way for me to say goodbye and close the chapter.

Sometime in January/February (I’m so bad with remembering dates!) I was visiting R in New Jersey, and we decided to drive together down to Ft. Benning in Georgia, he had an officer class. The best part is we planned quite a few days for the trip so we could not be rushed and sight-see a bit. Also, I can’t drive manual worth crap, so I got to be a passenger the entire time. :)

On the first night of driving, we stopped in Charleston, South Carolina. Not only was I instantly in love with this beautiful southern city, but I had a BIG surprise the next morning when we were leaving.

We started driving down a little dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and all of a sudden, I saw a little hand painted wooden sign with an arrow that said, “Angel Oak”.

He took me to Angel Oak! I have obsessed over this tree since I was a very little girl. This was one of the things I have always wanted to go and see before I die.

From Wiki:

“The Angel Oak is thought to be one of the oldest living organisms east of the Mississippi River.Angel Oak stands on part of Abraham Waight’s 1717 land grant.The oak derives its name from the Angel estate, although local folklore told of stories of ghosts of former slaves would appear as angels around the tree. The tree has become a significant tourist attraction.

It has survived countless hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and human interference. Angel Oak was damaged severely during Hurricane Hugo in 1989 but has since recovered.

Acorns from the Angel Oak have grown to produce authentic direct-offspring trees. Live oaks generally remain short in proportion to their outward growth.”

You have to see the FULL SIZE picture!

This is also the trip where I found out South Of The Border is by far the shittiest tourist attraction ever.

#Best09 Day 18

December 18 Shop. Online or offline, where did you spend most of your mad money this year? #Best09

I spend the most of my money on unfun stuff like:

  • Gas & tolls (~$75wk)
  • Cigarettes (hopefully no more since I have an electronic cigarette)
  • Car Insurance
  • Gym Membership

When I do spend money in fun ways, it goes something like this:

  • Target (Clothes/Shoes/Impusle)
  • Drinking/Eating Out (I wish I could cut back on the Eating Out)
  • Traveling (I was in a LDR, you know.)
  • Crafting stuff
  • Hello Kitty/Impulsive buys

In the book I just finished, Road Trip Guide to the Soul by Sadie Nardini, and in one of the final chapters she talks about money and spending habits. She speaks about having a relationship with “Cash”, and you must treat it as another important person in your life, and will in turn help you see more clearly where you’ve blocked money from coming in and staying with you more, and uncover where imbalances lie.

What really struck me is when she mentioned, when you spend money on things that you don’t need or aren’t in love with, you’re sending a message to cash that it’s not important and you don’t care if it goes away.

“Using money toward stuff you don’t feel anything about is unnecessary and also creates an energy leak to spring inside of you. It drains you, because your actions are saying, “I am not worthy of using life energy toward powerful things, but I will give it away to things that mean nothing or little to me

She calls these things, “bye-buys”. Common ones are, interest on unpaid bills, impulse buys, snacks and beverages, and overdoing nights out. (GUILTY to all of these!)

She suggest to do a “bye-buy” equation.

Mine is this:

Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (#6, sausage flatbread/coffee w/skim=250 cals=YES)

Lunch at Subway (6” veggie or tuna w/baked lays and diet coke)

Water at Yoga
+ $1.00

Post workout Cliff Bar (siiigh)
+ $2.00

= $14.00?!

60.76 a month? 729.12 a year?!

I need/will try to be way more consistent on bringing a water bottle with me everywhere I go, filled with water, homemade teas, coffee, whatever… and packing snacks like I used to. Not only did I save a load of money, a banana or homemade granola is much better for you than anything from a coffee shop or vending machine.

As far as nights out go, I need to cut it down. I buy more drinks then I need to, eat because I’m tipsy, then I’ll buy rounds of $10 drinks for my one-night-only bar friends.

The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world’s most complete four-dimensional map of the universe, the Digital Universe Atlas that is maintained and updated by astrophysicists at the American Museum of Natural History. The new film, created by the Museum, is part of an exhibition, Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe, at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan through May 2010.

Draft Three.

This is by a guy I went to elementary-high school with. Anthony Zollo.
He used to be really into music, He played drums for us in elementary.
I guess later in life he got into art.
I like it.

Draft Two.

I feel like telling a story. Someone randomly asked me the other day asking if I had ever gotten into a fight with anyone. I answered “no”, because I’m not a “fighter”, and avoid fighting at all costs. I don’t like confrontation.

But then, I remembered the one lone physical “fight” I had ever been in.

This happened a long time ago, in high school actually.

I was in my favorite class of my senior year, which was home-ec. They named it something clever like “life skills” so men would take it as well. Anyways, finally! class about cooking, sewing and child rearing. I loved it.

This was this girl in my class, who was extremely disruptive. Most people took this course to just get an easy A, and elective. (I was using it for this too, but I also enjoyed it.) She would always yell during class, and was especially mean to the teacher.

The day of the “fight” the whole class was in front of sewing machines and I was especially excited because I at that point had not learned how to sew pockets.

She was blabbering about something in the back of the class, and I finally had had enough! I couldn’t hear the teacher, and I was getting hot/angry.

I looked at the girl and said, “Hey could you shut up?”

she then proceeded to get up, and walk over to my sewing table, and pushed the table against me.

I then stood up and punched her in the face. She started bleeding.

Then we got all pulled apart and the teach next door told me to tell the Principal that she hit me first.

** I have a bunch of stuff saved as "drafts" I’m just going to publish them all unedited.**

Draft One.

Then, I met R and he told me about a friend he had in the military named Greg. He had passed away. Some fucked up shit I can’t remember the details, but he wasn’t supposed to pass. He was mistaken for the wrong person, wrong time/place. I cried and felt pain deep inside me for such a terrible thing. You can’t help but not feel that impact of something so tragic. R had told me about his dining in, how they set an empty place at the table for their lost brothers. I know he was thinking about Greg. How he’s still coping.

Then, my step-grandfather died. I didn’t cry, I don’t know why. I hadn’t seen him in a few years. I had issues with him. I wanted to cry, I wanted to feel something. What impacted me so much, is seeing my Grandmother in such pain. Still, almost a year later, she constantly deals with pain daily.

December 16; Tea of the year

Today is Day 16 of Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge!

More than halfway to the end! I’m so surprised I’m still keeping up with this, I’ve only missed one day, which was December 24th, “Best Rush”, I couldn’t think of any without sounding like a complete Jezebel. NEWAYZ…

Tea! I have two teas I love/adore/drink regularly, both are teas to help me with things. I love the healing powers of tea/herbs! Read on!

Numero Uno is by far my ultimate saving life force. I’ve actually blogged about this before. I cannot express how much I love this tea.

I know this is a gross and disgusting topic, but I have a HORRIBLE GI system. I’ve been to doctors and hospitals- nothing has ever helped. I’ve gone weeks, not kidding, without anything happening. I’ve increased my water/fiber/vegetables/exercise, tried fiber/prunes/everything under the sun. Nothing has worked till I found Smooth Move Tea, made by Traditional Medicinals Teas. (Carried by grocery stores)

It contains senna leaf which promotes bowel movement by direct action on the intestine. It also includes additional digestive support with fennel, orange peel, cinnamon, coriander and ginger to ease discomfort and reduce cramping.

It’s sweet and slightly bitter, with citrus-orange and spicy notes… The taste took awhile to get used to, but now I enjoy it. I also make sure to drink PLENTY of water with it, that really um, helps the system move…

Awesome amazing Allie loving tea #2 is, Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings.

I have a hard time sleeping entirely though the night, this is my rescue! It comes in a grass-green box with a adorable little bear set by a gently roaring fireplace. I personally have renamed it, “Sleepytime Bear Tea”.

About twenty minutes after drinking the tea, which you should try to finish before it gets cool, you will sense a pronounced drowsiness. It is a gradual sleepiness that comes over you. You kind of slip into the sleep — calmly and serenely. Unlike sleeping pills where you feel, “knocked out”. (Not that I mind that feeling either)

The ingredients are listed as follows: Chamomile, spearmint, lemon grass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn berries and rosebuds. The lemon grass and the orange blossoms lend it a lovely scent, yet the spearmint is the prevailing scent.

When looking for images, I found this lolable comic of sleeptime bear:

I had to crop it a bit, I love Asher Sarlin! LOL @ trapper keeper, orange juice and secret agent! Those are actual saved in my old photobucket account.

Oh, and please check out this amazing article about making Ferrofluid!

he sold me a hard drive…so we banged

friend explaining how I’ll be when I end up the crazy old cat lady & bring dudes home from best buy (since my type is “nerds”)