I have a secret. As much as I love baking and decorating them, I’m really not a fan of the icing/cake ratio of cupcakes. Too much icing. I’m more of a pound cake with glaze fan, but that isn’t cute, is it? Muffins maybe? I’m a big lemon-poppy seed fan.

Just saying. You are so cute cuppys, but I rather have something not equipped with SUGAR OVERLOAD FROSTING.

Besides for the past 4 sweet treats I’ve baked, I haven’t even been able to taste test, since I am watching my sweets/calorie intake. Maybe I should try making granola/protein (post workout) bars… hmm. Maybe I can “cute” them up.

I am loving at this moment; Julia Restoin Roitfeld in Christopher Kane’s Gorilla dress. She is so vampy, and makes me want to dye my hair even darker and try one more time red lipstick. Maybe this time it won’t make me feel like a cheap streetwalker. And that body!

I am loving at this moment; these Louboutin heels. Not usually a fan of peep-toe, but these are ah-mazing. Redsoled goodness.

While I’m at it, you should check out “Fetish” by David Lynch and Christian Louboutin. That collaboration was in 2007, I didn’t care about things like this back then… so it’s totally acceptable for me to bring it up now, right?

Gizzi’s Coffee, W 8th St

This is where I found those most amazing panini sandwich ever. It was granny smith apple, brie and grilled chicken on rosemary ciabatta bread. Oh lord, heaven. One day, we’ll meet again. They also had delicious iced tea. Oh and the server was mad cutey.*

note to self; bring camera and document all.
It took an hour via google street view to find this.
I wish I had a picture of the panini. Oh lord, YUM.

*Oh haha. I just did some more googling, and I found a little write up here. It mentions…

“The barista looked exactly like Carter Ooosterhouse, the man I want to marry, and was very flirty (“Do you want that with extra love?”), so that was also a major plus for Gizzi’s.”

Okay. SRSLY. DEAD ON. He looked just like Carter Ooosterhouse.

Oh man, that is so funny.
I should e-mail the author of that blog. Haha.

I saw (500) Days Of Summer this afternoon. I am amazed at how naturally beautiful Zooey Deschanel is. She looks like a real woman, not all plastic and madeup. I’m really glad they picked her as Summer. I suggest everyone going to see it, it’s a good movie.

Staring into your own eyes is like gazing into a completely different universe. I get creeped out by the complexity. You start to have overwhelming feelings of insignificance. You start to realize all we are is anamalous vibrations of energy manifested in some kind of existential illusion walking this cosmic rock like ghosts never knowing our place in anything. Or…. that you need to get your eyebrows waxed.

This is 158 grains of lead by ~ Dave McCaskill ~.

“this is 158 grains of lead lined belief hitting your heart at the speed of a synaptic impulse. this is life with the safety off. this is LOVE. fire at will.”

Graffiti found on the side of the fishing pier at Ballast Point Park in Tampa, FL.

(via Dave McCaskill)