– I like the posting the #best05 every two days, it gives me more time to build up some thoughts.

– I love you, I love you Simply Sleep. I don’t know how I survived before I found you.

– Yay! Electronic cigarette! Thanks to you! :* x 4893487483 No more stinky Allie!

– Ugly sweater party this Saturday.  I’m crazy excited. I looked at ugly sweater photos on Flickr all day. I am going thrifting before work to see what I can scurry up.

– I saw one of my favorite gym friends tonight, and we got to cardio together for an hour. (yay 600 calories)

– There was a sub teacher in yoga, she was intense, it never stopped. I loved/hated it, haha. Thursdays are usually the easy, relaxing, non-challenging class, this kicked my ass! I loved being pushed.

– I am (I think?!) done with Christmas shopping. I could find maybe one or two little things.

– 19 days till I’m off to Connecticut!!!

Hahaha, from a chowhound post:

Silver dragees can be lethal.

A minister’s wife hosted a ladies’ luncheon at her house. One of the guests brought a cake decorated with a mutitude of silver dragees, which she placed on the kitchen counter for dessert. The minister’s wife, however, had a weakness for those dragees. Every time she passed the cake, she picked a few off & popped them in her mouth. Pretty soon the cake was all but bald. Although the minister’s wife loved the silver dragees, they always had an unfortunate effect on her digestion, causing a terrific build up of intestinal gas. She surely enjoyed those purloined dragees, but was having a heck of a time concealing the rumblings in her gut from the guests. She kept running into the kitchen to an attempt to hide the inevitable toots from the other ladies. Her efforts to contain her problem only made it worse.

And so it was, that she was in the kitchen when the oven timer went off, letting her know that the tray of lasagna was done. She grabbed a couple of pot holders, and bent down to pull the lasagna out of the oven. As she did so, her skirt hiked up in the back, and (you had to see this coming), the pent up gas released with a mighty blast. She shot the family cat.

I swear! No kidding!! (grin)

December 8 Moment of peace.

I have been into yoga for 2? years now, but this past year I finally got regular with my practice. I had always watched tapes, by myself, or on the living room floor with my friends all with our mats all out.

In the summertime, I finally decided to get serious about loosing weight, and I joined a gym. (I was never ever ever ever the type to workout) and the MAIN reason why I joined is because they held group yoga classes, and I could do that! It was pretty much the only thing I wasn’t scared of at the gym.

I’ve always been troubled with racing thoughts/anxiety/being really wound up, and the twice I week I have class is pretty much the only times I can focus all that stuff out and really get into the groove. During savasana, or corpse pose, which is what all classes end with (It’s just laying on the ground) the yogi always talks during this time about anything on your mind, taking it and pushing it to the side. They also talk about seeing white light. This is the ONLY time I can think about nothing. I suppose it’s guided meditation. When I am having rough weeks, I feel so enormously blessed that I have a quiet little room to go to and zone out for an hour.

At the end of class, the yogi reminds us that whenever we are having rough moments or times through the week, to embrace and recall this moment, because we worked for it!

I also love the strength I’ve found/developed through yoga. I love how chaturanga is my favorite pose because I can hold that push up forever at the bottom about an inch from the ground. (the bottom pose below)

I recently quit my personal trainer to go to an actual yoga studio. :) Namaste!

December 9 Challenge.

This year has BY FAR been the most challenging year of my life. I’ve explained it pretty well in other posts. I don’t think I need to rehash everything. :)

“It’s astonishingly simple. Mysterio Predicts your baby’s future on a t-shirt. There are 12 possible futures, each shirt sewn into a muslin bag, sealed until the parent pulls the red string, revealing their child’s exciting future!

Our battered wood display crates were printed (and treated) roughly to give the impression that they just got thrown off a boat from exotic, foreign lands.”

Designed and Illustrated in-house by Wry Baby.

Heart Clearing

  • As a fellow human being who falters, I forgive you for your unskilled choices. I send light to you and wish you peace on your journey.
  • As a divine being who shares the deepest source of connection with you, I honor you at the highest level for what you really are, although you make not know it or act from this place.
  • As my own person who is moving into alignment with what I need, I disagree with some of your choices and release myself from them. I give myself the right to move on, free from all bonds between us.

December 7 Blog find of the year. That gem of a blog you can’t believe you didn’t know about until this year.

(If you are wondering what this is, find out here.)

I read a crazy amount of blogs. Something like 200+, it’s an addiction. My reader is always 1000+ unread entries, and I am constantly adding and removing blogs I follow. I could never choose one blog of the year. I’ve been meaning to post my favorite blogs for awhile now, so here goes nothing. These are all that I read as soon as they post, no sitting around in the queue!

(In no particular order)

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I’m sure I’ve forgotten a bunch. But to anyone on this list, thank you!

My friend Jon and I just had a huge conversation about Ramen. He said he cooks it, then drains all the water then adds the “flavoring”. I thought you were supposed to add the “flavoring” with the water then eat it like soup. According to the internet, both ways are correct, although everyone I’ve ever known eats it with the water. (He says everyone he knows eats it without the water.) How do you eat it?

Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.

Jim Rohn (rip)