I don’t know why you didn’t call me. Maybe you’ll finally get help and find peace within. After all, tomorrow is another day. Love you, and I’m always rooting for you.

I always:

  • Am extremely early to everything.
  • Like to have alone time when first getting up, once I’ve taken a hot shower, I’m okay.
  • Call Rodney before I go to sleep, hearing his voice makes me calm.
  • Put my hair up by noon, and take it down when I’m leaving work.
  • Stack up things in my online shopping carts. Everywhere, tons of stuff!
  • Pray when I hear sirens from police/fire/ambulances.

I sometimes:

  • Speak before I think about what I’m saying. It can hurt people, and get me into trouble.
  • Laugh when I’m nervous/upset. It sometimes makes people mad!
  • Turn my cell phone on silent, and read for hours.

I never:

  • Want to go to bed angry.
  • Get enough sleep! I could sleep all day!
  • Worry about the future of r&a.
  • Get tired of collecting cute paper.
  • Leave a store without buying something unexpected.

This is me trying to take a picture of me making/baking that huge cake. I accidently recorded video. I just wanted to show you how much chocolate and loudness of  Michael Jackson baring.

I made Weg’s cake for his 24th Birthday. It was wildly ugly, and SO MUCH CHOCOLATE, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We went to this pool hall named Baluka’s, it was like O’Brians/O’Toole’s 2.0 with all the douche up in those places. (+ It being akward in running into highschool people.)

Dual Desk office from Lifehacker. What a great idea. I really think this would come in handy. Super functional. His and her sides? (Yes plz!) Here’s the link.

Good Winter: loud as hope

Link: Good Winter: loud as hope

“It’s resistance failing and the words feel nice inside my head. your name feels nice inside my head. I have yet to kick the habit of you. So, could you ever come slip back under me? If you ever made it easy. I would. I know you’re there. I haven’t killed the habit and this has become my only fix. my love is a ghost that fits my skin. there are remnants still in my bloodstream. it’s enough and never enough.”


I made the ooey gooey cake last night. I split it up into 1.5×1.5 inch pieces. It’s super rich. I gave Weg, Matt F. and work 1/3rd each.

I just snuck a piece. So good. I think I over beated the “gooey”, it’s more like fluffy than gooey. I’ll be making this one again.