Tis the season

I’m normally a total Grinch, but this year I’m trying to be excited about the holidays. It’s my first year in my own place -I wasn’t on planning on getting a tree, I didn’t see the point. After talking to friends who live alone and have their own trees (Hey Nathan! Hi Michael!) I finally decided to lose the humbug attitude and get my own.

Last night after swinging by Starbucks to get *seasonal* peppermint mocha frappuccino with BFF and proclaimed sister, Jen, along with Jason; we went out and looked at trees at this sketchy lot in the neighborhood. We decided on a little tree (3ish feet?) because I heard cats climb Christmas trees and I didn’t want the whole thing to tumble, besides anything “mini” or “baby” sized is cute to the MAX.  They only took cash, so we went to Walgreen’s for cash back and while we were there I got a tree stand, twinkle led lights, red and gold ornaments (GLITTER STARS!), and a little tree skirt. Jason also picked up some woodland themed ornaments, little pine cones and other cute things.

While decorating I thought about Jen’s son, Orson, and how I’d like to help him pick out his own ornament every year, write the year on the bottom, so when he is an adult (*gulp*) and lives on his own, he has an entire box of memories.

Also listened to Christmas carols and didn’t want to bash my head in. THIS IS PROGRESS.