Tampa Etsy Craft Party

This past Friday was the Tampa Etsy Craft Party!

I actually can’t believe I didn’t blog about it beforehand. Quick summary, I saw the week before that no one was planning anything for the 2011 event, so I started contacting people, & before you know it, we were all knee deep in planning! There was an amazing group of people who made this possible. Thank you KC, Jenny, Sarah, Jess, Kaye, Amanda & everyone else who brought treats, crafts, or just their awesome self! Oh! & HUGE thank you to Mindclay! The lent us a super dope space. Photo explosion starts… now!

Haha me in close proximity to a computer, coffee, cutest baby & sister/bff … of course!


Melissa at Oh my Darling is hosting a Surprise Ball exchange. It’s based onĀ  “suprise balls” made my Gina Namkung.

I posted a few weeks ago about surprise balls made to look like bombs & in lieu of posting 500 images of cute surprise balls, go sign up here!! I signed up last week, & registration ends July 22nd. I’m really excited, I love little, cute trinkets. Let me know if you end up signing up! :) & I will make sure to show pictures when it’s all over!