ERGH; Week Three

At the weigh-in yesterday I was down 3 pounds.  Kinda a bummer, but expected since Gregg & I spent the weekend at the beach.

I packed some healthy snacks- sliced veggies & tzatziki, fruit for morning breakfasts. But, we cheated at night.

Friday Night- 3 Long Islands (Ugh, well liquor… why?? Saturday AM was icky!)

Saturday Night- We got sushi, we each got a roll w/ brown rice & split a roll w/ cucumber as the outside. :)

Sunday Night- On the way back I was HUNGRY so we went to Uno (I have never been there before, pizza) & had a side salad, 3 hot wings, & half a mini personal deep dish pizza.

ERGH; Week Two

Week two! I was down 5.5 pounds, total so far 10.5!

(That half pound really matters, eh? lol!)

I was actually kinda bummed at the weigh-in, I hoped for more of a loss than last week when I was just detoxing. If I had lost 5 pounds just “cutting back”, I had thought that I’d lose much more by being strict…!I was guessing 6-8 pounds, at least!

If I keep going, I’ll be at my goal weight in six more weeks. :) I expressed to the DR that I was really nervous about plateauing.  He said that shouldn’t be an issue & has “tricks” to fix it.

After the DR I went to Walgreen’s & bought one of every “health” bar that was under 200 calories. I’ve decided to eat those for breakfast, I think that will help me lose weight faster. (I haven’t been eating breakfast.) I also have been eating 1/2 chicken breast  & 2 cups of romaine per meal.  The only other thing I could think of doing besides that is splitting lunch/dinner into 4 meals. (More smaller meals a day?)

I did break diet once, I had 4 beers on Saturday night, but went right back on Sunday.

Also, funny story (which I have told a billion times), Gregg & I were at the movies this past Friday for Thor. Before the movie started I groaned, “I want popcorn :(” & he said, “Go get it, but when we get to your house I’m putting your before picture on your fridge” -I didn’t get popcorn :P (Thanks babe!)

Here is my app w/ the calories for the week two.