Christmas Random Floaty Thought Bits

posted by on 2010.07.28, under link, Random Floaty Thought Bits

I’ve has the idea for awhile now, that I wanted to make all my friends & family homemade Christmas gifts. Last night I revealed my plan to Gregg, he said it was a great idea.  It’s actually pretty daunting; because we have a ton of close friends & family members. (I did a rough calculation & it was over 20) Oh, & I don’t want to make just *one* gift per person/family, I want to make entire baskets w/ a variety of stuff.

Good thing is, Gregg & I work pretty great together. He’s into aesthetics, & able to see the bigger picture. I excel in grunt work, I like doing, putting things together, the small steps. (Ie: when cooking together, I chop everything up, prep & he puts it all together into something exceptional.)

The whole idea started with this blogpost, where a bride-to-be blogger made homemade vanilla extract & vanilla sugars.The extract takes a few months to make, how awesome is this? I want to be able to say, “I love you *so* much, I thought of *you* 5 months ago!!”

I’d love to include some yummy treats too. Since Gregg camps a ton (& I have …once…) I think S’mores on a stick would be a fun addition. We also like things spicy, homemade hot sauce? Homemade sour gummies?!? yes!

Maybe the gift basket could include something new from the past year. I started gardening, how about including some homemade seed tape?

A few of our close friends have children/are expecting soon. (Hey Jen!) Recycle old broken crayons (cray-ons? crowns?) into rainbow crayons! DIY bubble wands & solution?

This also could be the perfect time to get craft things I’ve always wanted but couldn’t justify, like a button machine. or even better, a letterpress machine. (Total personal obsession of mine)

I met a lady last week, who brewed her own beer. I think that would rock as well. I once made prison wine in highschool, it was terrible, so a kit would be required!

Have you ever made homemade gifts? What was your favorite? Any tips for such a feat?