A great love is a lot like a good memory.

When it’s there, & you know it’s there,

but it’s just outta your reach,

it can be all that you think about.

And you can focus on it and try to force it,

but the more you do,

the more you seem to push it away.

But if you’re patient,

and you hold still,

well maybe, just maybe,

it’ll come to you.

-Leonard Church


It’s pretty clear by now that I love The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  :)

I watched, “How Do You Know” last night, at one point in the movie there is a shot where Reese Witherspoon is looking into her bathroom mirror & there is inspirational quotes covering the surface. Wait, I found a screenshot. Just call me Queen Google :)

Anyways, I liked it. I think I’m going to work on something like that soon. Oh, btw, the movie was good, but I really like chick romantic comedies where there is nerdy/quirky guys. Paul Rudd is my new celebrity crush, he’s hot.

Last night I cooked fish for the first time in my life. It was tilapia, I just baked it with salt & pepper. I’m glad I found seafood that I can stomach. Also, bummer.  Oh, I must report that while in the final hour of work I started getting really woozy/dizzy. I had missed breakfast/lunch because I wanted to get to the doctor on time. Thankfully Gregg was at his appointment & dropped off some turkey jerky.  (Although THREE OUNCES is 234 calories!! WTH!) Once again, I felt immediately better & was okay to drive home.

Today I am prepared, I think the woozy/dizziness is from low blood sugar.

Here is what I have planned for the day:

8:15am– Egg w/ spinach mixed it. It’s one of my old standbys & I enjoy it immensely. 80 calories

11:15am– Orange; I cut it at home, I hate how sticky/messy/juicy they are. It’s my last one, next shopping trip I’m only getting apples.  70 calories

3:00– Salad w/ romaine & field greens. I added a bit of rec onion & 3 chopped up slices of turkey bacon. 243 calories

5:00– I made one of my favorite dishes!! Cucumber salad! (Thin sliced cucumbers/onion + apple cider vinegar) I realized last night that it was totally fine to eat.  43 calories

7:30– I cooked two 4oz. portions of fish yesterday so tonight would be easy. I’ll have a salad or if I’ m craving hot foods, I’ll have some sort of leafy greens. :) 148+ ?? calories

That’s the thing…

I’m already at 584 calories BEFORE I even add my side dish for dinner. I have to have protein in the AM, I do not want to feel like crap. I even brought an instant oatmeal packet to work, JUST in case I start feeling terrible. I don’t care if I go over 500 calories. I don’t even think anywhere on the sheet the DR gave us listed a calorie total.  I still think if I stay under 800, I’m fine. According to my height/weight I need to consume 1,337 calories to lose a pound a week. (Oh hell naw, I’m 1337!:)))) So, if I stick to under 800, I should be fine.


We had planned that Gregg come over very early (he has a busybusy day) & he’d shoot us both. Gregg came over & I chickened out. He was totally relaxed & filled the syringe up & shot his tummy. I knew I’d be emotional & need to “talk” & be hassled.  I just refused. Then after he left, I felt that I needed to do it, he was really brave.  I filled up the syringe & googled how to inject on You Tube. After watching 2-3 videos I just lifted up my shirt & did it. I was worried about it going in. But the needle is SO THIN, like a hair width.  I just realized a needle prick is laughable. So that’s that.

Here is a another Paulo Chelho quote that I made w/ a photo from Flickr.

magic/stars/miracles? Yes plz!