December + Holiday

I’ve been MIA from my little space on the internet (Hmm, besides twitter…)

This month I have…

I’ve hosted my most successful tweet-up ever (50+ people!!), I’ve gone to holiday parties x 5, I’ve babysat my favorite toddler x2, went to a wedding of my two old roomies <3,  saw the movie Young Adult,  went to a good friends awesome birthday at the casino,  went to an outdoor concert, went ice skating,  set up TWO Christmas trees, learned how to play Texas Hold’em, gifted a KINDLE!! from Gregg, & finished a great book.

Talk about busy, right? +++ all the things I never took a picture of!

My plans for the holidays…

Tonight 23 – Grocery shop, wrap presents, start cleaning like a mofo, hide a present (lol) & get wings w/ friends. :)

Tomorrow 24 – Clean MOAR!!!, prep food, & head over for Christmas Eve at my mom’s. Church + Dinner + PRESENTS! Meet up w/ Brandon friends at a local dive bar after.  (: Becoming quite the tradition :)

Christmas 25 -Gregg & my family over for Christmas lunch/dinner.  Exchange gifts w/ his family. Maybe see Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo. (We live across the street from a theater) & hopefully see my friend Susan at a local bar. :)

Sleeping with Bread

During the bombing raids of WWII, thousands of children were orphaned and left to starve. The fortunate ones were rescued and placed in refugee camps where they received food and good care. But many of these children who had lost so much could not sleep at night. They feared waking up to find themselves once again homeless and without food. Nothing seemed to reassure them. Finally, someone hit upon the idea of giving each child a piece of bread to hold at bedtime. Holding their bread, these children could finally sleep in peace. All through the night the bread reminded them, “Today I ate and I will eat again tomorrow.”

Linn, Dennis et. al, Sleeping with Bread

– LOST starts tomorrow night (!!!YES!!!) and I have decided to skip my favorite yoga instructor to watch the premier. I think next week till May, I am going to DVR it while I’m yogaing/gyming, and ignore everything till I get home to watch it. I cannot stand spoilers. Who wants to swap theories with me?

Grey Market plays Friday at the Orpheum in Ybor. I saw them with Black Moth Super Rainbow late last year and I really want to go to this show… It might not be possible since…

– I’m volunteering Saturday morning/afternoon with Habitat for Humanity. :D

– Sunday morning I’m going to a walk-though for volunteering at Social Fresh which is Monday! I’m very excited. I met someone else going, named Jessica through twitter, and we’ll be able to meet up. Yay for new friends.

– I won tickets to the Florida State Fair from Visit Tampa Bay, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to use them till the 14th. (Valentines Day) I don’t know if that will really work out, but the fair ends the 15th! It’s really hard to work out weekend events since I work 12-4pm every Saturday. It really breaks the weekend. I need to talk to my bosses about nullifying that.

– Last weekend I went with one of my best friends, Joe, to a gig he has in St. Pete. He was playing dub-step. It just reminded me that I need to get back into the scene. Here is some dub-step for your listening pleasure. How can you not move? My hips won’t stop!

– Hear ye hear ye! The 2010 Bay Area Renaissance Festival starts on the 13th, expect to see some pictures from that. It’s one of my favorite things. & also proves my nerddom.

Soft Maps © are incredibly amazing! They quilted maps of cities and neighborhoods. I’ll take the Greenwich Village in a queen please! How soft do they look? The price tag is KILLER ($800), but would be well worth it.

I know the season is pretty much over, especially for us Floridians, but this scarf, named the Julian Scarf is so functional with it’s incorporated pockets. The website tells a story about two girls who went out dancing and whacked people with their big purses, so they invented this.

ttys! :D