ERGH; Week Four

At the weigh-in Monday I was down 2 pounds. I’m glad I hit a total of -15 pounds, but I am still hoping for a -5+ week soon. (My first two weeks were both 5 each.) I’m down 3% bodyfat, which means nothing to me compared to the scale numbers.

I’m actually out of HCG & not taking it anymore. I’m pretty sure my last injection was at least 4-5 days ago. I don’t feel any difference.

I talked to the nutritionist while I was at the doctor. She cleared up some questions I had, recommended not eating a 3rd fruit a day (I was eating apple/orange at 5pm on the way home.) because at that point in the day your body burns it for fuel, instead of using your fat.

I’m still having difficulties upping my calories. I really can’t get past 500ish with what the diet states. I started eating all my meals earlier too. (IE: Lunch is now @1:30, not 3.)The nutritionist said I should be eating 8oz of protein a day, but also said I needed more protein? It was confusing. We e-mailed back & forth.

I’m sorry to be e-mailing so soon, but I had a quick question. According to the meal plan sheet, it says 8oz. of protein a day, split between lunch & dinner. (4oz. each meal) A chicken breast is 6-8oz. correct? I should be eating a chicken breast a day?

It breaks it up into smaller portions to keep your metabolism burning steady throughout the day. You can add an additional veggie and 4oz of protein to the day if you are going to workout or do some type of cardio ie walking for 30 min. A chicken breast is about 6oz, but if you weighed it out it would be best. That way you know you are getting 4oz per meal.

Her (again):
How is the diet coming along now that you understand it a little better?

My friend gifted me a food scale yesterday, and tonight I am going grocery shopping. I think I am making it too complicated? I’m just going to try and keep it simple by eating 4oz. of chicken 2x a day w/ spinach & 1/2 a grapefruit in the morning. Is it okay if I don’t eat a 2nd fruit?

It is ok, but if you find that you need more energy during the day then eat it.
If you get hungry in the evening you could always have more veggies as long as they aren’t carrot, peas, or corn.

...then we talked about edamame.

I’m actually excited for this to be the last week at the weight loss clinic. I’m ready to switch up this diet & try something else. If I hit -5 pounds this week for the slight adjustments, I will be ecstatic. That would be a total of -20 pounds in a month.

I’ve been reading 4 Hour Body & would love to try some of the stuff it suggests. -Like, eating beans/lentils with meals & protein for breakfast. I’m thinking my body is stuck in a starvation mode w/ such low calories. Last time I did a very low calorie diet (VLCD), I did it for a month, lost 20 pounds & plateaued really bad. Which just so happens to be the weight I am at currently. My body LOVES being at 155, & I HATE it! (My GW is 125, I’m 5’5″.)

I also have been following the blog Healthy is Happy. Happy is Healthy. It’s about a girl who has lost over 100 pounds in a year. I enjoy the blog a ton, & find enormous inspiration there. She posted an awesome guide on how to up your calories slowly, which I’ll need to do after being so low for a month now.

It’s also time to get back to the gym. I have a membership which I pay ~$40 a month for, & haven’t been in AT LEAST 6 months! I have to start doing more cardio. I guess that’s the next thing I need to figure out… managing time, food & working out around a fairly active social life.

…& just for fun, these look awesome Low-calorie Microwave Protein Fudge Muffins !

ERGH; Week Two

Week two! I was down 5.5 pounds, total so far 10.5!

(That half pound really matters, eh? lol!)

I was actually kinda bummed at the weigh-in, I hoped for more of a loss than last week when I was just detoxing. If I had lost 5 pounds just “cutting back”, I had thought that I’d lose much more by being strict…!I was guessing 6-8 pounds, at least!

If I keep going, I’ll be at my goal weight in six more weeks. :) I expressed to the DR that I was really nervous about plateauing.  He said that shouldn’t be an issue & has “tricks” to fix it.

After the DR I went to Walgreen’s & bought one of every “health” bar that was under 200 calories. I’ve decided to eat those for breakfast, I think that will help me lose weight faster. (I haven’t been eating breakfast.) I also have been eating 1/2 chicken breast  & 2 cups of romaine per meal.  The only other thing I could think of doing besides that is splitting lunch/dinner into 4 meals. (More smaller meals a day?)

I did break diet once, I had 4 beers on Saturday night, but went right back on Sunday.

Also, funny story (which I have told a billion times), Gregg & I were at the movies this past Friday for Thor. Before the movie started I groaned, “I want popcorn :(” & he said, “Go get it, but when we get to your house I’m putting your before picture on your fridge” -I didn’t get popcorn :P (Thanks babe!)

Here is my app w/ the calories for the week two.